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When you look back at your wedding photos, you'll want to feel exactly how it felt: joyful, giddy, excited, and everything in-between. Each wedding brings something new, but truly the best wedding photos come from couples who smile easily, love freely, and celebrate big.

Your wedding shouldn't be about the photos, it should be about gathering with the people you love and beginning your marriage together.  I'll handle the documenting.

Film + Digital PHOTOGRAPHER in the SOUTHEAST & beyond

I'm maggie


mary & gage CRUM

Maggie does an amazing job at capturing the day as it really happened. Scrolling through our gallery truly tells the story of the day and brings us back to all of the feelings we were feeling the day of! She is professional, calm, kind, and has an incredible artistic eye and talent. 

We received our wedding gallery today and are blown away by how beautiful the photos are!



muriel & matthew CLAUSON

Working with Maggie was one of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding! First, she is an incredible artist. Secondly, she is incredible at project management. We felt zero stress because she led the process every step of the way thinking through every detail. 

She brings a fresh, authentic, and beautiful style to her work. We love our photos.


katarina & gordon THOMAS

Maggie managed to capture the absolute essence of our day. She caught all of these beautiful candid moments, tons of emotion, and every single stunning detail, AND my husband and I look amazing. We will be able to relive this day forever through these photos.

Our images look like something out of a magazine. They are the most romantic, perfect photos!

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romantic, TIMELESS 

IMAGERY that you'll want to FEEL forever